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Honduras Olancho - Direct Trade Beans

Honduras Olancho - Direct Trade Beans

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1.2Lbs of Green Beans (Roasted weight will vary)
FKA Rio Olancho Agalta

Recommended Roast: Medium or City Roast

Smooth and silky body with notes of vanilla and plum. Delicately balanced acidity, crisp and bright with a lingering marzipan sweetness to finish. High-grown in the Sierra de Agalta mountains near San Francisco de la Paz, Olancho, Honduras.

The Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee Project is coordinated through The Carpenteros and Friends, a volunteer group from Southern Ontario that has been partnering with Honduran communities for the past 20 years.

While the proper altitude and field conditions are important factors for top quality, high-grown Arabica coffee, it takes much more.

Farmers who participate in the Rio Olancho Project attend workshops and receive training and supervision through the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE), are given agricultural training through Diaconia Nacional, and their coffee is pricessed, cupped and evaluated at the modern COCAOL processing facility in nearby Santa Maria del Real.

For maximum flavour, please to refer to our degassing chart before brewing

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