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Dominican Republic Beans

Dominican Republic Beans

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 1.2Lbs of Green Beans (Roasted weight will vary)

Recommended Roast: City or Full City

Fair Trade Organic

Grown the scenic landscapes of Mahoma, San Jose de Ocoa, in the south of the Dominican Republic. Nurtured by abundant rainfall, these specialty beans are washed and sun-dried on patios, with additional mechanical drying (Guardiolas).

This coffee accentuates the rich diversity of the Dominican Republic; the aroma hints at citrus, while the flavor reveals notes of sweet spice and mango. It offers a smooth start and a balanced medium finish.

Key attributes of our Samir Estate Dominican Washed Green Coffee include bright lemon, sweet orange, and tea rose, with hints of toffee.

For maximum flavour, please to refer to our degassing chart before brewing

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