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Forza Sambuca Espresso Nespresso® Compatible (10 Pack)

Forza Sambuca Espresso Nespresso® Compatible (10 Pack)

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This espresso blend combines the Forza traditional espresso and infuses it with natural Sambuca extract essence. The best way to describe the taste profile of Sambuca is like having the flavour of sweet black liquorice. Sambuca contains essential oils obtained from star anise (Illicium Verum), which gives the liquor a strong anise flavour.

The Forza line of Dessert Espresso comes in three traditional Italian flavours Chocolate Truffle, Tiramisu and Sambuca. Each unique flavour gives the enticing taste and flavour of its Italian heritage now in capsules. These Dessert Espressos can be enjoyed as a great espresso coffee or a great way to end a meal.

Compatible for Nespresso Original Machines. Not Compatible for Nespresso Vertuo

10 Single Serve Capsules Per Box.

Made from premium Arabica beans sourced from different coffee growing regions all over the world.

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