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Grosche® Austin G6 Pour Over Coffee Maker

Grosche® Austin G6 Pour Over Coffee Maker

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A high quality pour over coffee maker, the Austin G6 is built with refinement, and built to last.

Capacity: 1 liter, 34 fl. oz

The stainless steel coffee filter on the Austin G6 is specially designed. It is made with extra fine stainless steel mesh layered on a laser etched stainless steel frame. This makes it a very strong filter. The fine mesh filters out all grit from your coffee. That gives you smooth tasting coffee without the grittiness of other methods. This is a reusable filter so you don’t need to purchase replacement paper filters.The filter is very durable and is considered a permanent coffee filter. Paper cone filters are never needed. The carafe and the filter are both dishwasher safe. We highly recommend washing the filter with some dish detergent and a sponge after each use to avoid buildup of coffee oils which can plug up any coffee filter.

Material: Borosilicate glass carafe and stainless steel permanent coffee filter. Plastic protective grip.

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