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Grosche® Rio Sangria Pitcher & Water Infuser Carafe 1L

Grosche® Rio Sangria Pitcher & Water Infuser Carafe 1L

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The RIO sangria pitcher & water carafe is the pinnacle of style and functionality. It holds 1 litre of water and features a gravity stainless steel lid and filter mechanism that seals when you are not pouring. Need a change? Switch up the silicone seals from orange to red. The RIO lets you make your own fruit infused water, detox water or even Sangria.

The RIO glass carafe with lid features a stylish hand-blown glass design. It also comes with two silicone seals and a stainless steel lid with gravity-top lid that closes when not in use. Also, this pitcher is dishwasher safe making it easy to clean, and is good for room temperature or cold beverages. We do not recommend using for hot beverages.

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