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Stash Asian Pear Harmony Green Tea (18 Pack)

Stash Asian Pear Harmony Green Tea (18 Pack)

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18 Tea Bags

A pear made in heaven: you and this tea. When you dive into this cup, you’ll begin to experience the wonderful, weird world of Stash Tea. It’s bright and refreshing here. And there’s no boredom or drowsiness in sight. Just you. Living your best life with your new favorite cup of tea.

One reason you’ll love this tea is that green tea caffeine levels are known to be less than your average cup of joe. This fact, plus the presence of L-theanine which naturally occurs in tea plants, is the reason you get a smooth influx of energy with this green tea blend. Not to mention you have a much lower chance of a crash.



Green tea, natural pear flavour

Steeping Instructions

1-3 minutes at 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit



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