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Stash Christmas in Paris Herbal Tea (18 Pack)

Stash Christmas in Paris Herbal Tea (18 Pack)

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18 Tea Bags

Do you like:

A: Mint tea
B: Dessert tea
C: Christmas tea
D: All of the above

If you chose any of the options above, well then let us say a humble “you’re welcome” for this one. Here at Stash, we pride ourselves in coming up with the most delectable dessert teas in existence. So when we brewed up this exceptional blend, we knew we had one that was, as they say in Paris, très magnifique. Chocolate, vanilla, and Pacific Northwest peppermint combine with the light floral notes of lavender to create this lavish chocolate mint tea.

Christmas in Paris will no doubt become your new holiday tea favourite… or any day favorite for that matter (just be sure you stock up!). Enjoy it as a hot chocolate tea by adding a splash of milk and sugar to create the ultimate substitution for calorie-dense hot cocoa. Sip with your pinky up for the utmost vibe of Parisian sophistication. Oh la la.


Cocoa shells, peppermint, lavender, chocolate flavour, vanilla extract

Steeping Instructions

3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit


Yes (Trace amount from cocoa shells.)

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