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Stash Ginger Peach Green Tea with Matcha (18 Pack)

Stash Ginger Peach Green Tea with Matcha (18 Pack)

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18 Tea Bags, Green Tea

This tea is more gingery than an Irish pub on St. Patrick’s Day.

When you watch this blend brew up, prepare yourself to experience the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. This fruit tea has all the freshness you’d expect from a ripe, juicy peach, but it also has a powerful, lingering zest of ginger. As you drink it, you might notice the matcha bringing out the green tea flavor, rounding out the notes of this robust blend, and giving you an extra boost of caffeine.

Some call this a ginger tea, and others, a peach tea. No matter what you call it, you’ll feel like you found a pot of gold when you sip on this tea. Lucky you!


Ginger root, green tea, natural peach flavor, matcha

Steeping Instructions

1-3 minutes at 170-190 degrees Fahrenheit



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